Annual Inspection Flat Rates – Effective June 5, 2023

Annual inspection fees quoted are on a Flat Rate basis and are quoted per hour required for each plane. All parts will be charged an extra fee, for example, oil and filters will be above the flat rate for the annual. Also any defects found during the inspection that require repair would be charged at our current shop rate of $130.00 plus parts and supplies. ProFlite of Alaska will call with an estimate and customer approval for any repairs needed prior to performing any work.

1) 1 hour of AD research
(if more than 1 hour is needed it will be extra)
2) Pre and Post run up and system check
3) Clean, gap, test, rotate spark plugs 4) Service battery
5) Compression Check
6) Oil and filter change labor
7) Air filter change labor
8) Lubrication and servicing of pulleys, hinges, and bell cranks
9) Mag to engine timing
10) Landing gear extension/retraction test if required
11) Cleaning, inspection, and repacking of wheel bearings
12) ELT test and inspection per FAR 91.207
13) Removal and installation of inspection panels and interior as necessary for inspection
14) Inspection of aircraft
15) Weight and balance calculation check
16) Windows cleaned and interior vacuuming 

C180/182/185 4-6 Place       $1,950.00

PA28R SE Retract                  $2,150.00

C152/150                                 $1,400.00

C172/170/177                         $1,700.00

C206                                         $2,000.00

PA12/18                                   $1325.00

PA28                                         $1,700.00

PA32                                         $2,000.00

Light Twin                                 Quote

ProFlite of Alaska offers full service aircraft maintenance including:

   Annual Inspections       General Repairs     Ski/Float Swap-outs     Pre-Buy Inspections

​                                                  Engine/prop Changes


Annual Inspection Special

Annual inspection maintenance customers are entitled to a complimentary Flight Review in your aircraft. If

​performed in a ProFlite aircraft, the instructor fee will be waived.

Shop Rate:   $140/hr Effective 6/5/23



Cody Bell, A&P IA

Kirk Sagers, A&P IA 

3900 University Ave S.