Chris Miller,  is a long-time aviator and vintage aircraft aficionado. He learned to fly in rural Iowa, where there were roads marking every square mile and real winds. He worked as an A&P mechanic through college and earned his Private Pilot certification and Instrument Rating. Then life “got in the way” as he pursued a successful engineering career. After a 15 year hiatus, Chris could no longer resist the “aviation bug”. First he went through the Rusty Pilot recurrency process, then he earned his Commercial and CFI certificates at ProFlite. This guy has earned the “Seal of Approval” from both Mike Morgan and Tom Trainor! Chris is a proficient and pleasant instructor in both tricycle and tailwheel airplanes (though he is not able to instruct in the Cessna 152). We strongly recommend him for float training! You will find him available on weekends.

Travis Stagg  has been a pilot for over 8 years.  He has explored Alaska in his Cessna 172 for many hundreds of hours.  Travis is a high school physics teacher, so it makes perfect sense for Travis to share his love of aviation, knowledge of physics, and teaching skills with aviation students.  Travis did his CFI training here at ProFlite of Alaska, and we are proud to have him as part of our team.  Initially, Travis will specialize in training students in C172’s, since he has such extensive knowledge of that plane.

Tom Trainor, began his flight training as a high school student. He soloed at Oxford Airport, CT when he was 17, and completed his private pilot checkride shortly after at Montpelier, VT, flying out of Berlin, NH. He has an Associates Degree in Aviation Science from the professional pilot training program at the university of New Haven. From there he continued his academic training at the Colorado School of Mines and Stanford University, which ultimately led to a career in research and education. Tom has flight experience throughout New England, Colorado, and Alaska and enjoys sharing his interest in aviation with a wide range of students, from primary to advanced and floatplane.

Mike Morgan, is the co-founder of Proflite of Alaska, LLC. Mike has been flying for over 40  years, and has been a Certified Flight Instructor for over 30 years. He has flown a wide variety of aircraft, from the Cessna 150 (the perfect trainer plane in his humble opinion) to Beechcraft 1900. 

Danielle McGowan,  originally from North Carolina is a dedicated, professional instructor with the patience of a saint. Formerly a flight attendant with a major

airline, Danielle offers a diverse background for students.

Storm Spain,  Joined ProFlite January 2019 when he moved to the state from Bend, Oregon. In his time here Storm has gone from one of our full time instructors to a Charter pilot at a local company. Storm is one of our part time instructors and instructs a select handful of students at any given time. He now has over 1000 hours of Alaska time and can confidently navigate the skies of interior Alaska. Look for our night owl Storm during evenings in the summer.  

Jared Allen, from Columbus, Ohio and and previously trained students for a year in the San Francisco Bay Area prior to joining our team at ProFlite. Since moving here Jared has become on of our busiest instructors with his open availability and charming personality.  Jared plans on becoming a CFII very soon so instrument students can look forward to his excellent instruction.