What better way to explore the unique aviation environment in Alaska than flight training in the legendary Piper Super Cub. Our Super Cub has all the gear you need to expand your aviation experience.  Floats in the summer, bush wheel for off airport landings, and skis to enjoy our wonderful winters.  

We provide dual flight training year around for Alaska flying.  We can help you earn your float rating (ASES – Private or Commercial), tailwheel endorsement, or build your skills in bush off airport work, mountain flying, and ski flying.  All of our work will emphasize safety considerations that will help you in all your aviation adventures. We can provide you a multi-session course to build your skills or a single flight just to check off your lifetime Alaska Super Cub bucket list.

Our experienced Alaskan instructors can take you just minutes from Fairbanks International Airport into places only accessible by a Super Cub.  Our instructors have a variety of availability to meet your needs, please call ahead to reserve a time and get to know this highly capable airplane and our flying environment.

​Aircraft and training provided by Alaska Tailwheel LLC with scheduling services provided through ProFlite of Alaska

            Call 907-474-0099 for more information or to schedule your flight.